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An RSS Feed offers users a summary of website updates and therefore simplifies their life! The great part is that for anyone creating web content they can use it to distribute their blog posts, articles or podcast! What does a podcast feed mean? Once you set up your Feed your content will be ready to be submitted to podcast applications or news readers to subscribe to your content. Once you have your podcast specific Feed you need to submit it to any and every podcast app and directory! RSS allows you to syndicate content to different platforms so that you can reach diverse audiences without the need for them need to visit your website directly. For podcasters: it makes it easy to reach new listeners without having to invest great amounts of time in creating e-mail databases or newsletters, also you can improve your engagement by linking back to your website via the RSS Reader.

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By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information. I’d like to create a RSS feed for Google News results by specific date ranges and keywords for a data mining paper with R, but struggeling to get the date range in an RSS feed.

Option2: RSS feed with date range missing: Eventhough in the google search under “news” and tools, I am able to select the date range, I am struggeling to convert the below link into an RSS feed, as under the create alert option besides being able to deliver to RSS feed, I cannot find an option to select the date range so only new newsarticle appear.

closer look at WordPress RSS Feed, explaining what it is, why users love it, usually including its title, description, published date and URL.

RSS Campaigns can be set up to go out daily, weekly, or monthly, and automatically populate your campaign layout with the last batch of items from your RSS feed. If you want to mix in RSS posts with other content, you can drop a feed into other campaign types. You may encounter some errors with your RSS feed, content, or merge tags. Check out the following list for common problems. Check how many feedblocks you have in your campaign. If you have more than five feedblocks, you may not be able to preview your campaign in Mailchimp.

To preview your campaign, we recommend you send a test email to yourself, or cut down on the number of feedblocks in your campaign instead. When Mailchimp pulls the feed to add content to your campaign, it pulls in content as it appears in the feed.

RSS & iCalendar feeds

Keeping up to date with all of your interests can be a real challenge in a world flooded with content. There are lots of ways that people try to do it. These range from checking social media, going from site to site everyday and bombarding Google with a thousand different search terms. Sure, these are all viable options if you have time to kill.

Those of you who are familiar with dial up internet access which sounded like a dying robot having one last seizure were around when RSS was first launched.

A single, burning question about love and relationships, every season. For Lauren — and for anyone trying to date while raising kids — the stakes can be quite high. Have a story of Photos of your ex with a new love infiltrate your news feed.

RSS Feed – gottman. Site – gottman. About Site – It is our mission to reach out to families in order to help create and maintain greater love and health in relationships. We are committed to an ongoing program of research that increases the understanding of relationships and adds to the development of interventions that have been carefully evaluated.

Site – loveandlifetoolbox. About Site – Lisa has written extensively about topics related to marriage, relationship and emotional health. She has the ability to present complex psychological concepts in an easy to understand way with lots of simple and practical tips for her readers to improve their relationship and overall emotional health.

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This would be awesome for adding the feed to automatically post to Tumblr type blogs. A simple title post similar to what is pushed to twitter is published on my blog and anyone who clicks the link would also be re-directed to my paper. Me too!

One place to keep up with all your information sources. With Inoreader, content comes to you, the minute it’s available. Subscribe to RSS Feeds, Blogs, Podcasts​.

Let us show you what beautiful things you can make with it! The one thing people nowadays tend to say is that emails and RSS feeds are dead. Knowing that we live in a time where attention span is so limited, just the thought of having all the relevant information unobtrusively delivered to us is a relief. Still not convinced? That being said, we share with you this list of WordPress RSS feed plugin recommendation to choose from. Beside aggregation, you can use it to display RSS feeds into your posts and pages as well.

Moreover, you can even choose whether to show or hide the source and author links, pagination on your templates and more. The very installation process is easy to set-up.

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If there are any HTML tags inside the *|MERGETAG|* text, the entire tag can break. Are the items on your RSS feed out-of-date? In your campaign preview.

It can be a lot of work keeping your fans and followers updated on your new episodes. Your site-wide RSS feed may only be picking up your blog posts and not your podcasts. The good news is that creating your podcast-only RSS feed is easy and only takes a few minutes. Step 3. Step 4. Step 2. Words can have consequences. Creating a podcast is a great way to share your message and build an audience. Fortunately, the process for creating a podcast can be fast and easy!

It takes A LOT of energy to create a podcast.

Troubleshooting RSS in Campaigns

These feeds can, for example, allow a user to keep track of many different websites in a single news aggregator. The news aggregator will automatically check the RSS feed for new content, allowing the list to be automatically passed from website to website or from website to user. This passing of content is called web syndication.

Websites usually use RSS feeds to publish frequently updated information, such as blog entries, news headlines, or episodes of audio and video series.

Your RSS feed is the skeleton of your show and when deciding your for podcasts which interest them, they can stay-up-to-date and find all.

In the rss feed: is it possible to show the date the event takes place instead of the date when the event was published? I do not believe this is on our radar anymore. Though I will doublecheck with Rob, and if he has anything different to say I will add another reply here. One of the devs said that they ended up scrapping this feature request, basically because it does not make sense. To change this to something other than the publication date is really violating expectations.

In fact, that portion of the feed is actually being generated by WordPress itself, not our plugin. So, we would have to undermine the way WordPress is designed to work in order to accomplish this change. Instead we came up with an alternate option that enhances WP feeds instead of subverting their semantics.

I see you already found this tutorial on how to add start and end dates to events. You stated in the comments that it was giving you trouble. Can I help you with that? What specifically was happening?

RSS feed with event dates?

Need a feed widget to display your latest blog posts, news items, Vimeo or YouTube uploads, Picasa images? Our rss widget is simple to use, fully customisable, and best of all, free! Add our news, video or new surf spots feeds straight to your website, mix them up with other feeds, our just use your own. If you have any questions, or would like to offer feedback, please post a comment below.

5 feeds, pre-set or custom css, quick to create, fast loading. The best widget The feed widget should be able to display any valid rss / atom contents. It’s a great little Is there a way to display the publication date there too? I see that there is a I love your RSS feed and i have been using it for over a year. Suddenly in the.

When you want to follow specific writers, publications, and channels—to see every piece of content they publish—nothing beats an RSS reader app. RSS apps access web feeds published by websites, letting you aggregate and curate content you care about. Instead of visiting multiple sites, just open your favorite RSS app to see all new content in a central source. If you’re still looking for a replacement for Google Reader or Digg Reader, or you’re just ready to start experiencing the web chronologically, check out the following 10 RSS reader apps that keep you up to date—for free.

For over a decade, Google Reader was the gold standard for RSS apps—at least until July , when Google abruptly stopped supporting the tool. After that, many users turned to Digg Reader, a tool designed as a replacement for Google Reader. But Digg Reader was also discontinued in early But it’s not all bad news. There are plenty of other polished, high-quality feed reader apps that let you access the content published on your favorite sites exactly how you want to read it.

For this piece, we will focus on the best, free, online RSS services—the best alternatives to Google Reader and Digg Reader—and we narrowed our recommendations using the following criteria:.

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Since , FEEDZY RSS Feeds provide some hooks (see Function By default, the line of meta (name of the author and publication date) are displayed through a list of arguments: $metaArgs I love to learn and to create, then to share.

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