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Zongzi: Chinese sticky rice dumpling (粽子)

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Zong Zi were originally eaten around the time of the Dragon Boat Festival, because that was when fresh bamboo leaves were ready. But now you can find dried bamboo leaves, so zong zi are made any time of the year. Want to save recipes for later? Sign up for a BT account! Sweet Date Zong Zi sticky rice wrapped in bamboo leaves Sticky rice wraps are a traditional Chinese comfort food, especially when they are filled with sweet dates!

Prep time soaking time plus 20 mins Cook time mins 5 Print. Kitchen-friendly Mode. Ingredients Bamboo leaves available in Asian markets glutinous rice start with a pound or two if you only want to make a few wraps to try out red dates You may use other fillings such as raisins, red bean paste or even savoury fillings such as shredded meat, duck egg yolk and peanuts.

Keep in mind that any meat filling must be cooked first! Equipment bowls to soak the bamboo leaves, rice and dates if you have dried dates spoon kitchen string pot for boiling the wrapped zong zi. Directions Wash and soak the bamboo leaves in water until soft usually 30 minutes will do. Cut off the hard, pointy end so it’s easy to fold afterward.

Wash and soak the glutinous rice for 3—4 hours or overnight.

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Place in a single layer on a baking try, then roast for 20 minutes. Cool slightly, then when cool enough to handle, remove the shells and the inner, papery skin.

Sticky Rice Oolong

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Stuffed Red Dates with Sticky Rice Balls

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Ingredients; 15 dried red dates; 20g sticky/glutinous rice flour; 15g water; 5g brown/white sugar. Removing Pit or Stone from a Red Date.

These are typically rolled into balls for a snack, but their beautiful red hue was practically begging to be made into a heart shape. Rice balls are a common snack in a lot of Asian countries, although this has been one of my favorites since the black rice, red dates and walnuts give it some extra heft and chew.

It also kept me full a bit longer than the more basic seaweed varieties. I also saw several sweetened versions of this basic recipe for dessert. Place the black and sticky rice in a sieve and rinse under water. Place in a bowl and cover with water. Let soak for five hours. Drain the rice in a sieve placed over a bowl, reserving the soaking liquid.

Sweet Date Zong Zi (sticky rice wrapped in bamboo leaves)

It is easier to make this sticky glutinous rice ball than the classical ones because a filling, be it a sesame paste or a red bean paste, is not necessary. These stuffed dates actually have more kicks to themselves while serving warm, that is, when the aroma of them still floats and their fillings are still soft but springy. But as the rice balls are just steamed and hot, they are very sticky, even sticker than those cooked in soups. Eating cool is not a bad idea, but they should not be stored in fridge or consumed the next day.

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Click the class name to see a description and recipes for that class. To book, simply click the link. Weekend classes usually run for about 4 hours and that includes time to sit down and dine on the delicious food. Served with Vietnamese mint, crisp iceberg cups and hoi sin dipping sauce. Char grilled Prawns with Lotus root salad and Vietnamese dressing Char grilled prawn cutlets w Shiso and pickled Lotus root and daikon salad. Marinated grilled beef served w nuoc Cham and Vietnamese Herb Salad.

Chargrilled Chilli lemongrass Chicken.

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